Shopping for Horizon Project ItemsI walk around everyday carrying at least 4 communication devices, my trusty Blackberry Bold, my newly acquired iPad, my mobile Wi-Fi device, and my laptop. About a year ago, the two devices I carried were my laptop and my Blackberry. There was very little overlap of functionality between the two devices and I struggled to devise methods to keep both devices synchronized. Of course the Blackberry was very portable, easily accessible, and while  it required a hardwire connection to the laptop to sync with Microsoft Outlook, it was manageable. There was not a constant need to keep everything sync’d in real time.

Recently, I added 2 new devices to my arsenal, an apple iPad and a Mobile Wi-fi device to keep it and me connected in real time. By adding these devices, I suddenly find that now I am a little saturated. I have all these devices, each of them featuring a specific piece of valuable functionality. Yet all of them provide a great deal of functional overlap and redundancy that has caused a bit of an overload and a maintenance nuisance.

Over the years I have implemented technologies and integrated them into business processes to make my business more efficient. There are probably many changes I can make to my business processes to make more efficient use of the technology but that’s backwards, the technology is there to support my business processes. I am not particularly interested in re-engineering my business processes to make more efficient use of my technology so I think I’ll be shedding some of the redundant technology.

The new challenge for me is to find cost-effective solutions that offer as much unique functionality and eliminate as much redundancy as possible.

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