image I had only met him a couple of times. I had only a few very friendly, but brief conversations with him. He was someone I had hoped to get to know better. Now that won’t happen.

But, I know Joe Ferrara. I know him because of his body of work. I know him because of the profound influence he had on those who have such a profound influence on me.

Many of those folks will converge on Yardley, Pennsylvania this evening to say goodbye. I will be there to join them, to pay my respects, to comfort my friends who are anguished by his loss, and to celebrate the life of a guy who shared so much passion and brought much joy to those privileged enough to spend time with him. But mostly I will be there as an expression of thanks for the enormous contribution he made to our industry. I know Joe Ferrara, and many more who have never met him will know him too.

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