The weather has been quite pleasant over past couple of days in Chester County. After an extraordinary series of snow falls, the county is starting to thaw and the snow is melting.

Our good friends at Brandywine/Springfield Waterproofing offers the following great advice to avoid flooding problems and keep your basement dry through the spring thaw.


Sump Pump Discharge Line – check for no snow/ice blockage (especially if discharging into the downspouts)

Pump Electrical outlet – fuse may have blown if pump discharge was blocked and the pump overheated

Window Wells – clear Snow build up as House heat causes fishbowl effect which collects water causing window leakage

Sill Plate leakage – clear away high snow which allows water to spill over the Sill Plate

Base of house – Clear and Trench drainage for roof melting/heavy rain run off

Brick Veneer Walls - high snow blocks the low drainage ports and heavy winds blow water into the higher ports dropping water down on the sill plate

Outside Basement Door Drains – remove snow/ice blockage  which allows water entry under door and causes rotting

Internal Sump Pump – install to help relieve upward hydrostatic water pressure from flooding the floor

Battery Backup systems – should be considered depending on content risk and especially if a finished basement

Brandywine/Springfield Waterproofing is a preferred vendor of The Chester County Chronicles. If you have signs of a wet basement or leaking foundation, give Bill or Sean Worthington a call at (610) 280-7775. They are the best in the business!

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